Edgar Hayes Hunter (1914-1995) and Margaret King Hunter (1919-1997) were the leading proponents of the purer Mid-Century Modern style locally, teaching at Dartmouth and practicing in Hanover for 20 years. Both were students of Walter Gropius at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Roy Banwell and Stuart White worked with the Hunters and assumed their practice when they moved to North Carolina in 1966. Their archives are located at North Carolina State University. A biography and photographs of their house designs are located online at North Carolina Modernist Houses.

In the 1953 issue of New Hampshire Architect the Hunters wrote: “The demands of the region were met in careful planning for the trying climate, in large glass areas oriented south for natural heating, in liberal use of thermal insulation, and in use of flat or low-pitched roofs to hold snow and gain ‘free’ insulation value. In these practical and aesthetic effects of climate on design, the architects believe, lies true regional expression.” 

Norwich Houses by EH and MK Hunter

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