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Early Settlement Investigations


Here are some other things you can do to explore Norwich history: Download the Becoming Norwich Comic Book to print at home or Read it Online Explore Norwich Architecture You [...]

Early Settlement Investigations2021-09-29T04:44:23-07:00

Rivers & Mills Investigations


Have fun investigating Norwich River History! If you haven’t had the chance, try the Rivers & Mills podcast driving tour! Want to learn more about glaciers? Check out these National Geographic [...]

Rivers & Mills Investigations2021-09-29T04:44:24-07:00

Schoolhouse History Investigations


Have fun investigating Norwich schoolhouse history! If you haven't had the chance, try the schoolhouse podcast driving tour! NOW: How do you get to school today? Drive from your house [...]

Schoolhouse History Investigations2021-09-29T04:44:24-07:00

Mary’s Sibling’s World


Mary writes about many family members in her diary. It became clear that not all of her siblings were living at home. The 1860 census shows that the Slacks were [...]

Mary’s Sibling’s World2020-10-05T12:09:27-07:00
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