Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich


  February 24: Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich Presented by Brie Swenson, Norwich Recreation Department and Craig Layne, Norwich Conservation Commission          

Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich2022-02-25T11:52:41-07:00

The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich


February 10: Vermont’s Poor Laws During a Disastrous Year of Climate Change: The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family Presented by Mark Staker, Master Curator, Historic Sites Division, The Church of Jesus [...]

The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich2022-02-11T09:41:38-07:00

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics


Have you ever wondered about how skiing became so popular in Norwich? Did you know that Norwich athletes have brought home 3 olympic medals and since 1984 has put an athlete on [...]

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics2022-02-04T07:49:12-07:00

The Diary of Mary Slack


In this series of posts, Lauren Pidgeon, a Hanover High student from Norwich, explores the world of Mary Slack, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who kept a diary here in Norwich [...]

The Diary of Mary Slack2021-09-28T13:17:59-07:00

It’s Sugaring Season!


"We have made a noble lot of nice sugar" Maple sugaring on Brigham Hill, ca 1940 It's sugaring season. From the news reports, it sounds like this year [...]

It’s Sugaring Season!2021-09-28T13:38:34-07:00

Norwich Timeline


To scroll through the timeline, just click on it and then scroll or swipe. We will be adding the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s in the coming weeks.  

Norwich Timeline2021-03-16T14:01:52-07:00

Vietnam Veteran Interviews


In winter 2018-2019 Marion Cross 6th graders interviewed six local Vietnam veterans who shared their stories of courage, determination, duty, and empathy. The Vietnam Memorial outside Tracy Hall honors the [...]

Vietnam Veteran Interviews2020-10-05T12:09:31-07:00
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