Paul Sample’s Ski Jump


  by Lauren Pidgeon This is Eleanor Fitzgerald teaching a Ford Sayre skiing lesson. The Altow Ski Area was a popular place during the winters of the 1940s [...]

Paul Sample’s Ski Jump2021-11-12T06:33:16-07:00

Norwich Christmas Pageant


by Lauren Pidgeon Betty Booth and the Christmas Pageant Up Elm Street and to the right was once Betty Booth's house. Betty moved to Norwich in 1950 and lived here [...]

Norwich Christmas Pageant2021-11-12T06:17:29-07:00

Mechanic Street


by Kevin Hybels Where was Mechanic Street?     The historical society frequently gets questions from people wanting to know more about the history of their house, street, or neighborhood. [...]

Mechanic Street2021-11-12T06:19:56-07:00

Blood Brook


It's obligatory to stop on the Blood Brook bridge while on a Hopson Loop walk. Top and look over the bridge. You are gazing at the Paleozoic era. These are [...]

Blood Brook2021-11-12T06:18:27-07:00

The Underground Railroad


By Lauren Pidgeon Did you know that while on your Elm Street stroll, you are probably walking in a path once taken by people escaping enslavement? Just down Elm Street [...]

The Underground Railroad2021-11-12T06:25:25-07:00

The Hopson Family


By Lauren Pidgeon As the weather becomes warmer and the birds begin to sing, more and more people are walking the Hopson Loop. Have you ever been on the [...]

The Hopson Family2021-11-12T06:25:26-07:00
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