The Historical Society has established two special funds to support our commitment to the care of our collections and to the importance of educational programs with the Marion Cross School.

Bill-&-NancyWILLIAM B. AND NANCY P. OSGOOD FUND FOR THE COLLECTIONS  This special fund was established when Bill passed away in July 2013 thanks to many generous gifts from his friends and family.  Bill shared with his wife, Nancy, a deep interest in Norwich history.  This fund recognizes their joint commitment to the Historical Society and the importance he placed, and she places on its collections.  The initial funds helped make possible the purchase of the Hutchinson-Loveland portraits painted by Roswell Tenney Smith in the 1840s.  These six oil-on-canvas portraits add a new window through which to view Norwich history.  Continued gifts to this fund will provide indispensable support for collections care and future acquisitions, both part of the mission of the Historical Society.

Zea.KimTHE KIMBERLY KING ZEA EDUCATION FUND was established at the Norwich Historical Society after Kim’s untimely death.  This memorial fund provided the initial resources, which launched the Society’s educational programs with the Marion Cross School.

Kim wore many hats at the Historical Society as Trustee, Curator, Collections Manager, and Registrar, and she eagerly shared her knowledge and museum expertise with everyone.  Passionate about history and an educator at heart, she championed the 2003 move from the Hutchinson-Taylor House on Church Street to the historic Lewis House giving the Historical Society a welcoming space for exhibits, programs, and collections.      Her enthusiasm and commitment were major assets for the successful capital campaign which followed.  Without her vision and leadership, the Norwich Historical Society would not be where it is today.