A planned gift is a gift of capital that usually involves the assistance of a professional adviser, retained by the donor. This type of gift may help address an estate planning objective, a family consideration, or a major tax issue. Because of economic and tax benefits, a planned gift often can make charitable giving more affordable for many donors.

CHARITABLE BEQUESTS are gifts to the Norwich Historical Society at the time of death under a will or trust agreement and are fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes. A bequest may be made in the form of cash, securities, or real estate.

Here is sample language for an outright, unrestricted residuary bequest: “I give to the Norwich Historical Society, Norwich, Vermont, ________dollars ($___), or ______percent (____%) of my residuary estate, to be used for the benefit of the Norwich Historical Society as the Trustees thereof may direct.”

CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITIES pay income for life in a manner similar to a commercial annuity. Charitable gift annuities can be purchased with cash or appreciated property, and there are no immediate capital gains taxes to pay. Plus, donors receive a charitable deduction that may save significant current dollars on their federal and state income tax returns.

RETIREMENT PLANS make excellent charitable gifts at the time of death. The Norwich Historical Society can be named the beneficiary of a traditional IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or Keogh plan, and because the museum is a charitable organization, it will not pay any income or estate tax on the assets it receives from the plan.

OTHER WAYS TO GIVE: The Historical Society is pleased to accept immediate gifts of cash and securities. Both are tax deductible. Gifts of life insurance, real estate, and personal property can also be made to the Society. Call and speak to Sarah Rooker, Director at 802-649-0124.