Norwich A-Z: X is for Exam


Do you have boxes of your children's schoolwork? We have a big collection of John and Catherine Killoran's school work from the 1930s and 1940s including report cards, essays, and [...]

Norwich A-Z: X is for Exam2020-10-05T12:09:32-07:00

Norwich A-Z: W is for Warmer


I think people in the past must have generally had a higher tolerance for cold than we might today. Imagine attending church in the unheated Norwich meetinghouse, or going to [...]

Norwich A-Z: W is for Warmer2020-10-05T12:09:32-07:00

Norwich A-Z: T is for Tank


This "Indian Tank" once belonged to the Norwich Fire Department. It could be worn as a backpack and used out in the field.  The 5-gallon tank of water is connected [...]

Norwich A-Z: T is for Tank2020-10-05T12:09:34-07:00

Norwich A-Z: R is for Rake


This hay rake might be my favorite artifact in the collection. There is nothing that says summer more than the sweet smell of freshly cut hay, drying in the fields. [...]

Norwich A-Z: R is for Rake2020-10-05T12:09:35-07:00

Norwich A-Z: Q is for Quilt


  Last summer we received a beautiful quilt and silhouette for our collection. The quilt is said to have been made by Mary Eaton, here in Norwich, in the mid-nineteenth [...]

Norwich A-Z: Q is for Quilt2020-10-05T12:09:35-07:00
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