Norwich History A-Z: F is for Flax

This finely spun skein of flax was lovingly kept in a hand-made case for decades before being donated to the Norwich Historical Society. The accompanying tag reveals that the […]

Norwich History A – Z: E is for Epaulette


Perhaps Norwich’s most famous military hero would be Admiral George Albert Converse. Admiral Converse was born in Norwich in 1844 and attended Norwich University. During the Civil War he […]

Norwich History A – Z: D is for Duster


Can you imagine driving around on Vermont’s unpaved roads in an automobile completely open to the elements with no windshields, no side windows, no roofs, and no doors? It […]

Norwich History A – Z: C is for Chain

Have you ever looked at an old deed for your property and noticed that it was measured in rods and chains?  This chain might have measured your land. During […]

Norwich History A – Z: B is for Brand

Traces of red paint are still visible on these handmade sheep brands bearing the initials of Abel Bicknell, whose sheep roamed some of the 130 acres of land he […]

Norwich History A – Z: A is for Adze

This simple tool has sat on the shelf in the NHS shed for years. It’s a humble tool, not used much in everyday life today. But a close look […]