House and familyEstablish the chain of titles at your town office

Begin with the deed for the current owners of the property and work your way back. Use the grantee index to establish the current owner. The index will provide you with a book and page where the actual deed is located. Write down complete descriptions of the property boundaries.

Find out more about who lived in your house

Census records may tell you who lived in the house, where they came from, how many children they had, the value of the home, etc. or

Look up previous owners in your town history—especially the earliest owners. Your local library or historical society will have this. Many have also been digitized in Google Books. Norwich’s town history is online here:  A history of Norwich, Vermont

If you lose the chain of titles, try using a map to find out who lived on your land:

Try finding your house on the Windsor County 1869 Beers Atlas

Early plotting plans can bring your back to the very first settlers.

What style is your home?

If your home is in a national register district, there may be a description of your house history and style at: or on the Norwich Village Historic District Register.

Look for old photographs and family stories at the historical society.

Look for photographs online at:

Share your house history:

What’s the Story? How to Sleuth Your Home’s Past Lives