Norwich Timeline


To scroll through the timeline, just click on it and then scroll or swipe. We will be adding the 1800s, 1900s, and 2000s in the coming weeks.  

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NHS Photographs Online


We have begun scanning our photograph collection and putting them on Flickr. Our first Flickr albums contain all our Norwich street photographs and collection of school photographs.  Click on the [...]

NHS Photographs Online2020-10-05T12:10:01-07:00

Donating to the Collections


What’s in the Norwich Historical Society’s collections? Over the years, the Norwich Historical Society has amassed a large number of articles relating to Norwich’s past, all of which were donated [...]

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Finding Aids


Finding aids are descriptive inventories or indexes that provide access to the unpublished materials in the Norwich Historical Society’s archives.  If you are researching a family from Norwich, there could [...]

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Researching your House History


2020 E-News Series on Researching your House: Learning to Look at Architecture Using the National Register to find your house history Using the Census to Dig Deeper     If [...]

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Links to Norwich History


New Online: Norwich Listers' Records (1940s-1960s) New Online: Collections Catalog HOW TO RESEARCH YOUR HOUSE HISTORY House History Research Guide GENERAL NORWICH HISTORY A History of Norwich, [...]

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Norwich Timeline


This timeline of events in Norwich's 250 year history was developed as part of the town's 250th birthday celebration in 2011. It is currently on display in the entry foyer [...]

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