Comic Books


    Becoming Norwich: The Early Years explores the story of the Connecticut settlers as they came up the river, met the local Abenaki community, and began to build homes [...]

Comic Books2022-01-05T12:02:41-07:00

Walking Tour of Main Street


Enjoy scenic Norwich, Vermont, with a stroll back in time along Main Street with its many historic homes, commercial enterprises and public buildings. The stories of these wonderful old structures [...]

Walking Tour of Main Street2020-10-05T12:11:04-07:00

Norwich Timeline


This timeline of events in Norwich's 250 year history was developed as part of the town's 250th birthday celebration in 2011. It is currently on display in the entry foyer [...]

Norwich Timeline2020-10-05T12:11:08-07:00

Norwich, Vermont: A History


Norwich, Vermont: A History was published in 2011 as part of Norwich's 250th birthday celebration in 2011. It spans known native settlement before white settlers in the 1760s through the [...]

Norwich, Vermont: A History2023-03-24T13:44:17-07:00
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