Mary Slack’s World: The Diary of Mary Slack

Meet Lauren Pidgeon, a Hanover High student from Norwich who is interested in our community’s history.

She is exploring the world of Mary Slack, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who kept a […]

Mary’s Sibling’s World

Mary writes about many family members in her diary. It became clear that not all of her siblings were living at home. The 1860 census shows that the Slacks […]

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy….and Mary

Have you read Little Women? Louisa May Alcott published it over the course of 1868 and 1869, just three years after Mary kept her diary! Little Women is a […]

Schoolgirl Romance

As a teenage girl in 1865, Mary’s days at school were coming to an end. As I wrote in my last post, most girls Mary’s age were heading to […]

After the Diary

When we last left Mary, she was deeply upset over her father’s punishment which forbid James and Mary from ever seeing each other again. Although Mary ended her diary […]