The Weather Diaries: December


Two diaries, 150 years apart...   For Ebenezer, early December brought extremely cold days, followed by warm days that melted the snow from the fields. The cold weather was [...]

The Weather Diaries: December2024-01-17T11:40:11-07:00

The Weather Diaries: November


Two diaries, 150 years apart… For Ebenezer, November brought the return of cold weather, sleighs (and sleigh accidents), and family visits. Winter preparations included butchering, cutting wood, and [...]

The Weather Diaries: November2023-12-01T10:04:19-07:00

The Weather Diaries: October


Two diaries, 150 years apart... For Ebenezer, October brought cooler weather and the final harvest of corn, potatoes, beets, parsnips, turnips, carrots, and pumpkins. It was a very full cellar. [...]

The Weather Diaries: October2023-11-03T11:55:31-07:00

The Weather Diaries: September


Two diaries, 150 years apart... September 2023 brought the first frost, rains, and warm days. The Brown family finished their haying and got in their wheat and oats. Family arrived [...]

The Weather Diaries: September2023-11-03T11:56:32-07:00

The Weather Diaries: July


Two Diaries, 150 years apart... Vermont Journal, July 5, 1873 July was all about haying. Ebenezer's son, Charles, had nine lots filled with hay to mow, rake, load into [...]

The Weather Diaries: July2023-08-01T11:05:06-07:00

The Weather Diaries: June


Two Diaries, 150 years apart... This month's post only features 1873. It was a busy time on Ebenezer's farm. They got the wheat field planted which involved plowing, [...]

The Weather Diaries: June2023-06-20T07:43:02-07:00

The Weather Diaries: May


Two diaries, 150 years apart… In May 1873, the work of the farm was focused on preparing the fields and mending fence.  Plowing the fields generated lots of rock [...]

The Weather Diaries: May2023-06-02T11:33:03-07:00
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