Here are some other things you can do to explore Norwich history:

Download the Becoming Norwich Comic Book to print at home or Read it Online

Explore Norwich Architecture

You can learn a lot about Norwich just by taking a walk and looking closely.  Click here for a scavenger hunt, sketching guide, and other architecture activities








Explore Norwich Cemeteries

Norwich has many cemeteries. You can learn a lot from the gravestones by looking at the art and learning about the families. Click here for a scavenger hunt, gravestone guide, and other cemetery activities.






And More!

Visit Fort #4 and learn more about early settlement life

Find Norwich’s Town Charter, signed by Benning Wentworth, at Tracy Hall

Go canoeing on the Connecticut and imagine what it would be like when it was wilderness

Make colonial Johnny Cakes

Plant a three sisters garden patch with corn, beans, and squash

Make a cardboard loom and try your hand at weaving

Build a shelter that won’t let in rain