A letter to Dorothy Olds’s Parents


Dear Mother and Dad,

     If I am correct you two are about to celebrate 24 years of wedded bliss. You better go to the fair and have one good time & one for me.
    Right now it is only quarter of ten and I have my work most done for the day. We have had personal inspection of hair, shoes and dress and barracks inspection. We all take an awful sweat when they inspect the barracks. There were three Lts., a Sgt. and a private. After that we had a head inspection. 
     We had to stay a few minutes ago and go to the Supply Room. They issued us our Garrison Caps and we are all pretty tickled as we had been told we wouldn’t get them until we were assigned to our Post. As it is now we have to wait for orders to wear them. We are all crazy about them. They are just about like the boys overseas caps.         
     We are supposed to be free until we eat. About 1:15 we go for our shot. My vaccination didn’t take so I guess that I am immune. Hope I don’t have to take it over. 
     After we come back from our shots we are free to do as we please except report to mess. Time is moving right along…..

Dorothy left her uniform to the Norwich Historical Society. Below is the garrison cap that she was so excited and proud to receive.

“You ought to see our cotton hose, they are the darkest, brownest, heaviest stockings you ever saw. We have to wear these plus wool socks plus the 'Little Abners' high ankle shoes. Don’t laugh, ‘tisn’t funny”

For everyday clothes Dorothy wore brown and white striped seersucker dresses with bloomers to match, cotton hose, socks, field shoes and fatigue hat. They weren’t allowed to go out of the barracks without that hat except for fire drills.

Dear Mother and Dad, Thursday

We are all feeling happy tonight as we are allowed to wear our garrison caps off duty. I wore mine up to the PX for the first time tonight. I had a letter from Cpl. Baclam tonight. Gee I think that is swell. Alot of the kids have gone out and three from upstairs are going around short-sheeting the beds.


Dot’s dog tags were issued after the first couple of weeks. They had to be handed back twice: once to record immunizations and again to record Dot’s blood type.