The oldest Hanover High School yearbook in our collection is Vol. II, No. 1, dated December, 1919. It includes a list of teachers and a variety of short stories, poems, and jokes. A list of social events for the year included a freshman reception and several dances. Basketball was the only athletics team. By the 1940s, the yearbooks reveal a much busier high school as well as a school coping with World War 2.

Here are the Footlighters in 1943. The caption reads, “War or no war, the show must go on!” They performed “For Want of a Nail.” Other clubs included the outing club, traffic patrol, movie operators’ club, boys’ and girls’ glee clubs (who performed songs of the armed forces), the “Harpoon” newspaper, assembly committee, orchestra (the All New England Music Festival was called off due to food rationing difficulties), and student council which took charge of selling War Stamps and creating an Honor Roll of those who had died in service to the country. Many students were also involved as cafeteria aides. They reported that the “miracle of the loaves and fishes was seen daily” due to war-time food rationing.

Here is the hockey team in 1943. Students also participated in football, field hockey, boys’ and girls’ basketball, baseball, and track.