What’s in the Norwich Historical Society’s collections?

Over the years, the Norwich Historical Society has amassed a large number of articles relating to Norwich’s past, all of which were donated by Norwich residents past and present. Items include photos,  clothing, furniture, artwork, books, diaries, maps, scrapbooks, tools, certificates, newspapers and magazines, musical instruments and much more. The collection is available to those conducting historical research and/or seeking information about the community and its residents. NHS regularly develops exhibits to display collections to the community.

Donating to the Collection

Much care is taken to preserve objects and documents so they are available for future generations. First, we will ask that you fill out an object questionnaire describing the proposed gift and send it to us with a photograph if possible to info@norwichhistory.org.

The Collections Committee then reviews the questionnaire and evaluates the object to decide whether or not the proposed gift fits in with what is already in the collection, to be sure the items relates to Norwich and that it can be cared for properly. The Board of Trustees gives final approval on all acquisitions.

Please note: We do not need any annual reports of the Town of Norwich, or school reports. We have a full set and more. Thank you!

Caring for your Family Heirlooms

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