January 30, 3:00pm (on zoom-and free)

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What a year it has been! Join us for our 2022 Annual Meeting. We will have a brief meeting where we will say a fond farewell to departing Board members, Alan Berolzheimer, David Callaway, and Corb Moister. We will also do a little business, voting on new Board members and reviewing our finances.

Vermont’s Town Meetings: Decision-Making at Home

Join us after our brief meeting for a talk by Susan Clark, author of Slow Democracy and All Those in Favor as she considers Vermont’s town meetings in the 21st century.

Norwich’s town meetings have had a long-standing role as a local legislature, where citizens come face to face to create their own laws (rather than electing representatives to do so). Social scientists rank Vermont among the highest in civic engagement and social capital, and Susan Clark looks at this direct, deliberative form of democracy as we look to the future.



Part of the “Democracy Begins at Home” project and supported by Vermont Humanities.Any views, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed do not necessarily represent those of the Vermont Humanities.

Annual Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome
Alan Berolzheimer
2. Minutes of the last Annual Meeting (2/14/2021) Click here to view the minutes
Corb Moister

3. Treasurer’s Report
Carla Vincent

4. Nominating Report
Alan Berolzheimer

Vote to approve officers:
Carolyn Clinton, President
Cheri Mather, Vice President
Carla Vincent, Treasurer
Heidi Webster, Secretary

Vote to approve trustees for a term of three years:
Donald Bartlett (second term)
Carla Vincent (second term)
Terry Appleby (first term)
Cameron Cross (first term)
Tammy Heesakker (first term)

5. Vote to Adjourn

Click here to view the 2021 Annual Report