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The Weather Diaries: March


In March, Ebenezer and his son Charles attended Town Meeting and the district School Meeting. Charles agreed to have the teacher live with them for the first term of [...]

The Weather Diaries: March2023-04-23T06:26:23-07:00

Remembering Roger Blake


Roger Blake A life in service to the public good January 5, 2023: We mourn the tragic loss of our long-term friend, mentor, and volunteer at Norwich Historical Society, Roger [...]

Remembering Roger Blake2023-01-12T15:18:20-07:00

Hillside Cemetery


The Hillside-Loveland Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Norwich with over 2,000 sites. This land was previously owned by the Loveland family, hence the name, and the cemetery was [...]

Hillside Cemetery2023-01-10T07:27:27-07:00

Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich


  Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich Presented by Brie Swenson, Norwich Recreation Department and Craig Layne, Norwich Conservation Commission. Originally presented on February 24, 2022.     [...]

Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich2023-01-23T08:05:06-07:00

Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich


Vermont’s Poor Laws During a Disastrous Year of Climate Change: The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family Presented by Mark Staker, Master Curator, Historic Sites Division, The Church of Jesus Christ [...]

Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich2023-01-23T08:03:30-07:00

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics


Have you ever wondered about how skiing became so popular in Norwich? Did you know that Norwich athletes have brought home 3 olympic medals and since 1984 has put an athlete on [...]

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics2023-01-23T07:25:32-07:00

Annual Meeting and Talk


February 23, 6:00pm (on zoom-and free) Register by clicking here What a year it has been! Join us for our 2023 Annual Meeting. We will have a brief meeting [...]

Annual Meeting and Talk2023-03-24T13:37:07-07:00

Comic Books


    Becoming Norwich: The Early Years explores the story of the Connecticut settlers as they came up the river, met the local Abenaki community, and began to build homes [...]

Comic Books2022-01-05T12:02:41-07:00
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