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Hillside Cemetery


The Hillside-Loveland Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Norwich with over 2,000 sites. This land was previously owned by the Loveland family, hence the name, and the cemetery was [...]

Hillside Cemetery2022-10-03T05:53:47-07:00

Feast from the Farms


October 8, 2022 A driving and bicycle tour to the working valley farms and historic hill farms of Norwich. A fundraiser for Norwich Historical Society Join us by bicycle or [...]

Feast from the Farms2022-10-07T12:10:47-07:00

Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich


  February 24: Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich Presented by Brie Swenson, Norwich Recreation Department and Craig Layne, Norwich Conservation Commission          

Foraging in the Fields and Forests of Norwich2022-02-25T11:52:41-07:00

The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich


February 10: Vermont’s Poor Laws During a Disastrous Year of Climate Change: The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family Presented by Mark Staker, Master Curator, Historic Sites Division, The Church of Jesus [...]

The Story of Joseph Smith’s Family in Norwich2022-02-11T09:41:38-07:00

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics


Have you ever wondered about how skiing became so popular in Norwich? Did you know that Norwich athletes have brought home 3 olympic medals and since 1984 has put an athlete on [...]

From Norwich to the Winter Olympics2022-02-04T07:49:12-07:00

Annual Meeting and Talk


January 30, 3:00pm (on zoom-and free) Register by clicking here What a year it has been! Join us for our 2022 Annual Meeting. We will have a brief meeting [...]

Annual Meeting and Talk2022-03-23T05:00:33-07:00

Comic Books


    Becoming Norwich: The Early Years explores the story of the Connecticut settlers as they came up the river, met the local Abenaki community, and began to build homes [...]

Comic Books2022-01-05T12:02:41-07:00

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Family (#8)


Who were the important people in Ella Sargent's life? We see some names repeated frequently in Ella's diaries. Who were they? 1938 photograph of Ella Sargent, two years before [...]

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Family (#8)2021-11-12T11:18:00-07:00

Paul Sample’s Ski Jump


  by Lauren Pidgeon This is Eleanor Fitzgerald teaching a Ford Sayre skiing lesson. The Altow Ski Area was a popular place during the winters of the 1940s [...]

Paul Sample’s Ski Jump2021-11-12T06:33:16-07:00
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