Soldier’s Mail #1


About the Project James Eiler, Lauren Pidgeon and Hank Trimble are Hanover High students who worked at home throughout the spring, transcribing letters written by Garey Waterman home to his [...]

Soldier’s Mail #12020-11-09T12:06:20-07:00

Huntley Meadow


by Kevin Hybels   Today Huntley Meadow is a popular site for recreation in Norwich, but it has had very different uses at different points in history. Instead of being the recreational area [...]

Huntley Meadow2020-10-05T13:14:23-07:00

The Origins of the Ballard Trail


by Lauren Pigeon   Thinking about a 4th of July hike? Try the Ballard Trail. Bill Ballard, conservationist, Dartmouth biology professor, leader of nature expeditions, and avid lover of life [...]

The Origins of the Ballard Trail2020-10-05T12:09:23-07:00

Early Settlement Investigations


Here are some other things you can do to explore Norwich history: Download the Becoming Norwich Comic Book to print at home or Read it Online Explore Norwich Architecture You [...]

Early Settlement Investigations2020-10-05T12:09:24-07:00

Rivers & Mills Investigations


Have fun investigating Norwich River History! If you haven’t had the chance, try the Rivers & Mills podcast driving tour! Want to learn more about glaciers? Check out these National Geographic [...]

Rivers & Mills Investigations2021-01-18T08:12:29-07:00
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