The Weather Diaries: May


Two diaries, 150 years apart… In May 1873, the work of the farm was focused on preparing the fields and mending fence.  Plowing the fields generated lots of rock [...]

The Weather Diaries: May2023-06-02T11:33:03-07:00

2023 Exhibit: Becoming Norwich


Norwich Historical Society has collaborated with cartoonist, Emily Zea, to publish a series of illustrated histories about Norwich. These histories feature Norwich’s early years, stories of our rivers and [...]

2023 Exhibit: Becoming Norwich2023-05-24T11:49:23-07:00

The Weather Diaries: March


In March, Ebenezer and his son Charles attended Town Meeting and the district School Meeting. Charles agreed to have the teacher live with them for the first term of [...]

The Weather Diaries: March2023-04-23T06:26:23-07:00

The Weather Diaries: February


In February, Ebenezer was not as careful at tracking the temperature. The big events included going to court to a hearing about the insufficient roads (today's Main Street area [...]

The Weather Diaries: February2023-03-03T07:35:39-07:00

Researching your House History


  Presented by Alan Berolzheimer and Sarah Rooker, Norwich Historical Society This illustrated talk walks you through how to trace the history of your property from the present back to [...]

Researching your House History2023-02-24T06:49:46-07:00

All about Norwich: Your Questions Answered


All about Norwich: Your burning questions, answered Presented by Lucinda Walker, Norwich Public Library and Sarah Rooker, Norwich Historical Society What have you always wondered about Norwich? Lucinda Walker and [...]

All about Norwich: Your Questions Answered2023-02-23T09:56:23-07:00

Uncovering Norwich’s Vandalized Bible


The Discovery of Norwich's Vandalized Bible: A Message from the Past Presented by Sarah Rooker, Director of Norwich Historical Society; Presented on January 26, 2023 Just before Covid, volunteers at [...]

Uncovering Norwich’s Vandalized Bible2023-02-03T09:08:57-07:00
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