Huntley Meadow

by Kevin Hybels


Today Huntley Meadow is a popular site for recreation in Norwich, but it has had very different uses at different points in history. Instead of being the recreational area we […]

The Cossingham Family and the Cossingham Trail

by Kevin Hybels

The Cossingham Trail goes through land that has been used agriculturally for many years. The Cossingham family once farmed on 600 acres in this area. Today, the Cossingham Farm is […]

The Origins of the Ballard Trail

by Lauren Pigeon

Thinking about a 4th of July hike? Try the Ballard Trail. Bill Ballard, conservationist, Dartmouth biology professor, leader of nature expeditions, and avid lover of life created […]

The History of Gile Mountain

by Kevin Hybels

One of the most well known hiking trails in Norwich goes to the top of Gile Mountain, which at 1,873 feet is the highest point in Norwich. […]

Exploring Norwich History at the Cemetery

Norwich has many cemeteries. You can learn a lot from the gravestones by looking at the art and learning about the families.

In New England, there were three basic designs […]

Exploring Norwich History through Architecture

You can learn a lot about Norwich just by taking a walk and looking closely.

Try this Architecture Scavenger Hunt. Don’t forget to download the answer key to bring along. […]

Early Settlement Investigations

Here are some other things you can do to explore Norwich history:
Download the Becoming Norwich Comic Book to print at home or Read it Online
Explore Norwich Architecture
You can learn […]

Rivers & Mills Investigations

Have fun investigating Norwich River History!
If you haven’t had the chance, try the Rivers & Mills podcast driving tour!

Questions to Explore:

How does water power work?
How do our activities […]

Schoolhouse History Investigations

Have fun investigating Norwich schoolhouse history!
If you haven’t had the chance, try the schoolhouse podcast driving tour!

NOW: How do you get to school today?

Drive from your house to your […]

Historic Driving Tour Podcast: Rivers and Mills


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