Norwich Village Stories


Over the years there have been many businesses in downtown Norwich. In this clip Norwich resident Richard Barrett talks about his memories of various businesses along Main Street. One [...]

Norwich Village Stories2023-01-23T09:07:13-07:00

Winter Work in Norwich


Two important tasks that many people have done over the years in winter in Norwich are collecting maple syrup and harvesting ice. "This sap bucket comes from our [...]

Winter Work in Norwich2023-01-23T09:15:14-07:00

Farming in Norwich


For many years most people in Norwich lived on farms. Because of this, it is not surprising that one of the most commonly discussed topics in the video and [...]

Farming in Norwich2023-01-23T09:11:30-07:00

Stories from Beaver Meadow


Some of the VHS tapes recently digitized included interviews with Elsie Sniffin, who lived in Beaver Meadow from 1959 until her death in 2008 and was a passionate historian [...]

Stories from Beaver Meadow2023-01-23T09:19:52-07:00

Remembering Roger Blake


Roger Blake A life in service to the public good January 5, 2023: We mourn the tragic loss of our long-term friend, mentor, and volunteer at Norwich Historical Society, Roger [...]

Remembering Roger Blake2023-01-12T15:18:20-07:00

Hillside Cemetery


The Hillside-Loveland Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Norwich with over 2,000 sites. This land was previously owned by the Loveland family, hence the name, and the cemetery was [...]

Hillside Cemetery2023-01-10T07:27:27-07:00
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