Exploring Norwich History at the Cemetery

Norwich has many cemeteries. You can learn a lot from the gravestones by looking at the art and learning about the families.

In New England, there were three basic designs […]

Exploring Norwich History through Architecture

You can learn a lot about Norwich just by taking a walk and looking closely.

Try this Architecture Scavenger Hunt. Don’t forget to download the answer key to bring along. […]

Early Settlement Investigations

Here are some other things you can do to explore Norwich history:
Download the Becoming Norwich Comic Book to print at home or Read it Online
Explore Norwich Architecture
You can learn […]

Rivers & Mills Investigations

Have fun investigating Norwich River History!
If you haven’t had the chance, try the Rivers & Mills podcast driving tour!

Questions to Explore:

How does water power work?
How do our activities […]

Schoolhouse History Investigations

Have fun investigating Norwich schoolhouse history!
If you haven’t had the chance, try the schoolhouse podcast driving tour!

NOW: How do you get to school today?

Drive from your house to your […]

Historic Driving Tour Podcast: Rivers and Mills


If you enjoy the podcast, please consider joining NHS today as a member. Becoming a member will help us meet our operating costs during this Covid-19 crisis. […]

Exploring Norwich: Hunts and Tours

Want to get out and explore Norwich?  Download these worksheets, grab a pencil and clipboard and head on out.

The whole family will enjoy this Architecture Scavenger Hunt. Don’t forget […]

Mary Slack’s World: The Diary of Mary Slack

Meet Lauren Pidgeon, a Hanover High student from Norwich who is interested in our community’s history.

She is exploring the world of Mary Slack, a 15-year-old schoolgirl who kept a […]

Mary’s Sibling’s World

Mary writes about many family members in her diary. It became clear that not all of her siblings were living at home. The 1860 census shows that the Slacks […]

Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy….and Mary

Have you read Little Women? Louisa May Alcott published it over the course of 1868 and 1869, just three years after Mary kept her diary! Little Women is a […]