Quilt Stories

In 1976 the Norwich Women’s Club members pieced a quilt in recognition of the country’s bicentennial. Each week this fall we will be sharing photographs and stories related to the quilt squares on Facebook and our website.

The quilters whose work we celebrate are:

Ellie Blanchard, Ada Brown, Flossie Henry, Margaret McWilliams, Eddie Stoiber, Nancy Dean, Judy Wagner, Evelyn Frank, Sylvia Stockmayer, Polly Forcier, Jeannie Head, Millie Lupien, Susanna Reed, Alice Brady, Dorothy Emerson, Louise Newcomb, Deb van Arman, Mary Russell, Peg Fraser, Louise Benson, Mimi Sensenig, Barbara Merrill, Hazel Hickson, Nancy Hughes, Helen McKenna, Marjorie Smith, Silvette Gardner, Ruth Peet, Erna Luchini, and Mary McKenna.

Revere Bell

Norwich Fair

Beaver Meadow Schoolhouse


Dan & Whit’s

Norwich Inn

Johnson’s Barn

Tracy Hall

St. Francis Church

St. Barnabas Church

Seven Nation’s Building

Marion Cross School