Last summer we received a beautiful quilt and silhouette for our collection. The quilt is said to have been made by Mary Eaton, here in Norwich, in the mid-nineteenth century.

We have tried to find Mary Eaton in the census and in our records, but have found no trace. Perhaps she was only in Norwich for a short time. She was productive while here, however, producing an applique quilt.



Using templates to achieve uniformity, Mary expertly appliqued the design elements onto six identical squares to form the main body of this summer quilt.  She used similar techniques on the border and then applied the piping as she sewed the individuals sections of the quilt together.  Close examination indicates that in a few instances, Mary pieced together or “made do” as she had run out of larger pieces of colored, cotton cloth.

The quilt top having been completed and with the backing in place, Mary began quilting. With precise, uniform stitches Mary quilted the cloth creating a quilt resplendent with birds, pineapples, and the tree of life conveying warmth and happiness and welcome.