200 Years of Women’s Activism

For 200 years Norwich women have advocated for change, taken a stand, and contributed to our community. Abolition, temperance, and the right to vote are just some of the causes. They have sewn, knitted, and quilted. They have marched, petitioned, debated, and raised funds. They have fought for their rights and voices, and while doing so have crafted a better world.

Many thanks to Becky Cook for her exhaustive research for this exhibit, to Nancy Osgood’s curation, and to Judy Brown for organizing the women’s march materials, to the Norwich Women’s Club for sharing their archives, and to Pam Smith and Chenoa Dovan for setting up our quilting project.

To zoom in on the labels, click on the bottom arrow of the 360 photo and then click on the at the bottom of each 360 photograph.

Stepping Out of Women’s Sphere: 1820-1900Snap Content

Women’s Suffrage, Step by Step: 1900-1920Snap Content

Marching into the 21st CenturySnap Content