In March, Ebenezer and his son Charles attended Town Meeting and the district School Meeting. Charles agreed to have the teacher live with them for the first term of school. Measles struck daughter Mary. The weather was quite variable with periods of such heavy snow that the roads were impassable.

Alan Berolzheimer also attended the town meeting information session, but voted with Australian Ballot on Town Meeting day. Robins and bluebirds made a visit to the yard and purple crocuses made an appearance.

Ebenezer Brown, March 1873

4 The Annual Town Meeting held at the Union Hall. Voted 100 cents on the dollar for town tax. I came home sick and sick all night having taken a sudden cold.

Union Hall on the left (where Dan & Whit’s is today), ca. 1870

6 A very cold pleasant day, Ther 12 below 0 at early morn…at 3 this morn Mrs. B. was called to P.J. Boardmans at the birth of a child.

7 Pleasant warm day. I am fixing the sap boiling place clearing out the ashes rubbish etc.

10 A very snowstorm last night and this forenoon 12 inches or more.

I carried Brother James to Brother Pitts & to Mr Hutchinson & then to the Depot where he takes the cars [train] for Boston.

11 Ther 15 above at Morn. A great snowstorm begins at 10 a.m. and continues till 4 pm. Wind South & a most furious storm. 14 inches snow fell & clears away quite warm at 9 pm & a very fogg appears. A society festival this eve at Union Hall.

12 Warm sunshine most of the day. The snow will settle if this don’t change. Charles & William are breaking roads.

Snow Rolling in Norwich

14 Pleasant & warm–I think it is maple sap weather

17 A very heavy wind all day and the snow is drifting badly and the roads are all blocked up…not very cold weather. I am sorting beans to plant.

18 Very moderate weather. Ther 46 above at noon.

19 I am at home and unwell with a hard cold & Mrs Brown too is troubled with a very severe cold. Mary is threatened with the measles.

21 Cloudy moderate weather. Mary is quite sick today with the measles. The Dr has called to see her this evening.

24 Ther 8 above 0 this morning. Charles & Wm are sawing wood at the door

25 Thermometer 10 above 0. Cloudy and a little snow falling. Doct Currier visit and medicine for Mary.

She does not recover well from the measles. Annual School Meeting–I & Charles attended. Voted 7 months school. C.W. Brown bid off the second 4 weeks of Board of teacher at the first term of the school at $2.00 per week.

School District #12

(Brown Schoolhouse)

27 Cold Blustering March day (sunshine) awful wind & drifting of the snow that come yesterday

31 Ther 40 and snows most of the day. Charles fixing for sugaring. Doct. Currier visit and medicine for Mary

Alan Berolzheimer, March 2023

3 Home from our visit in Oakland, CA. There’s about a foot of snow on the ground. 39 degrees at 5 pm.

4 About 6 inches of snow overnight. Pretty much stops mid-afternoon. About 10 inches from this storm. High today is 39. At 10:30 it’s 33.

6 36 degrees and sunny at 8 am. Up to 45 today. Wind picks up late morning. A couple of turkeys visit. Deliberative town meeting session tonight at Tracy Hall, voting tomorrow.

Tracy Hall, 2023

7 Mostly cloudy today, a few flurries, high at 33 degrees. Two new selectboard members elected; also one incumbent beats another in a head-to-head race. Budget approved. Advisory article on hiring an additional police officer passes with a strong majority.

9 Cloudy and 32 degrees at 8 am. Some clearing mid-afternoon, high of 44. At 10:30 it’s 34 degrees. With this long stretch of below-freezing nighttime temps and above-freezing daytime temps, I assume it’s been good sugaring weather.

11 Overcast and 34 degrees at 8 am. About a week ago, after the last snow, the Connecticut River looked like a covering of slushy snow on top of some ice. Today the river is completely open, and this timing now seems about normal. High today of 46 degrees; at 11 pm it’s 33.

12 We change to Daylight Savings Time. Overnight low was 23. It’s sunny and 40 degrees at 10 EDT. A very mild day, high of 55! A couple of deer visit at dinnertime.

14 We get a couple inches of fluffy snow overnight. Light snow all day, windy at times. Still snowing and 33 degrees at 10 pm.

15 Still flurrying, 32 degrees at 7:30 am. We get about 8 inches of accumulation altogether. A little bit of late-day sun, up to 39 degrees. At 10:30 pm it’s 31 degrees.

18 Overnight low is 36 degrees. Snow under the kitchen window is gone and snowdrops are out! Lots of afternoon sun, high at 48.

20 Down to 18 degrees overnight. Above freezing at 9, up to 47 today, a bit breezy. 33 degrees at 11 pm. The vernal equinox was at 5:24 pm.

21 This first day of spring the overnight low was 26 degrees. Gets up to 53 degrees and it feels quite mild. Still 39 at 10 pm.

22 Overcast and 28 degrees at 7:30. Again very mild, partly sunny, high of 57. Crocuses (purple) appear in the lawn where the snow is gone. 43 degrees at 10:30 pm.

24 Mostly cloudy and 36 degrees at 7:30. Some sun midday, high of 46. I saw a bluebird and two robins.

25 Cloudy and 29 degrees at 8 am. Lots of robins here. Snow showers starting at 2 pm; a light veil of snow covers the fields. HIgh at 37 degrees. Ten turkeys this afternoon. 33 degrees at 10:30.

26 Mostly sunny, it’s misty as yesterday’s light snow begins to evaporate—35 degrees at 7:30. It clouds up pretty soon.

27 Overnight low was 30 degrees. Sunny and 31 at 7:30. We see a bunch of deer in the woods up at the treeline, of various sizes. Turns mostly cloudy, but gets up to 55 degrees. At 9 pm it’s 43.