The Weather Diaries: 1873 – 2023

Ebenezer Brown lived on Beaver Meadow Road in Norwich from 1806 – 1874. Between 1867 and 1874 he kept a daily diary describing his work on the farm. He paid careful attention to the weather, his finances, and the comings and goings between family and friends.

Alan Berolzheimer has lived on Union Village Road since 1997. Through these years he has also kept a daily diary, paying careful attention to the weather, the natural world, comings and goings, and notable events in the family.

This year we will publish monthly reports from the weather diaries, comparing the temperature, snow cover, frost dates and other weather information. We will be sure to see stunning changes as well as reassuring rhythms of the natural world holding true.

In 1873, Ebenezer was living on his 120-acre farm with his wife Mary and his two adult sons, Charles and William. His daughter Ellen was a teacher “on the Plain” (or in the village center) of Norwich and was in and out of the home as was his youngest son, Rome, who worked in Hanover.

Ebenezer had 4 horses, 2 milk cows, a pair of oxen, 20 sheep, and 2 pigs. He grew wheat, rye, corn, and oats as well as a large garden. He had a small orchard and produced about 200 lbs of butter a year which he sold in Norwich and Hanover stores.