Norwich A-Z: O is for Ornament


Ornamental Wreath, made with locks of hair, in the Norwich Historical Society Collection Do you have little envelopes containing locks of hair from your child's first haircut? If so, your [...]

Norwich A-Z: O is for Ornament2020-10-05T12:09:37-07:00

Norwich A-Z: M is for Machine


American Buttonhole, Overseaming & Sewing Machine Co. #7 This sewing machine was donated to Norwich Historical Society in 1965  by Louise Johnson who lived on Maple Hill Road. She told [...]

Norwich A-Z: M is for Machine2020-10-05T12:09:37-07:00

Norwich A-Z: L is for Last


The next time you turn onto Beaver Meadow Road from Main Street imagine Eber N. Clark (1809-1905) with tools and leather in hand fashioning and repairing boots and shoes in [...]

Norwich A-Z: L is for Last2020-10-05T12:09:38-07:00

Norwich A-Z: K is for Kettle


Imagine this holiday season preparing food for your family in a large, open hearth.  That, of course, is what our forebears did having mastered the art of regulating flames and [...]

Norwich A-Z: K is for Kettle2020-10-05T12:09:38-07:00

Norwich A-Z: I is for Ice Tongs


It is not surprising that the Norwich Historical Society collection includes quite a few ice harvesting tools such as saws, tongs, and pikes. Before modern refrigeration, foods were kept cold [...]

Norwich A-Z: I is for Ice Tongs2020-10-05T12:09:39-07:00
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