Aunt Ella’s Diary: Family (#8)


Who were the important people in Ella Sargent's life? We see some names repeated frequently in Ella's diaries. Who were they? 1938 photograph of Ella Sargent, two years before [...]

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Family (#8)2021-11-12T11:18:00-07:00

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Summer Fun (#7)


Where did Ella and her family go for entertainment? Ella writes about summer outings. Ella's diary entries had a sameness to them most days. "A pleasant morn" was [...]

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Summer Fun (#7)2021-11-12T11:14:44-07:00

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Haying (#3)


This week’s diary excerpts include Ella’s observations about haying. Ella didn’t participate, but was a keen observer of the weather. Her entries mention a number of [...]

Aunt Ella’s Diary: Haying (#3)2021-11-01T11:54:27-07:00
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