also known as “Tarn House”
Architect: E.H. & M.K. Hunter
Builder: Trumbull-Nelson Company

The architects situated this house high, overlooking the Connecticut River. It was designed with a servant’s quarters separated from the family living areas by a heavy chimney wall, which is the dominant vertical on the exterior. To it the horizontal roof and sunshade projections are deliberately opposed.

Dr. Eldredge was a Dartmouth College Sociology professor and consultant to NATO who in World War II helped divert German attention from the Normandy invasion. Later he consulted for the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. After the war he returned to Dartmouth and headed the Sociology Department. 

In 1950 Architectural Record wrote of the house: “This is a conscious composition; it has a definite idea to convey: the house is a setting for urbane people who entertain handsomely, on a rural site but with no hint of rusticity even in the cypress siding.”

From Architectural Record, 1950

Compare this house to the home of Walter Gropius, their teacher and mentor.

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